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Characteristic Light Industry—Liquor industry

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Liquor industry

Support will be given to Maotai Group to realize expansion through multiple approaches, including purchasing other liquor enterprises outside the province, so that Maotai’s march towards "world’s No.1 distilled liquor” can be promoted to fuel the development of provincial liquor industry.

Efforts shall be made to attract an extensive range of liquor production and operation factors inside and outside the province to realize concentrated and intensified development. Priority will be given to the construction of a number of parks such as Maotai circular economy park, Renhuai famous liquor industrial park, Xishui liquor industrial park, etc.; and other regions inside the province suitable for brewing are encouraged to establish liquor industrial parks.

Liquor related industries are to be developed to extend industrial chain of liquor…positive efforts will be made to introduce enterprises from other provinces to develop supporting industries (e.g. liquor packaging) in our province; use of new packing materials and technique are encouraged, level of packaging design will be improved. Three to five liquor related industrial parks will be built to elevate the level and capability of liquor packaging of the province.


Accelerate the integration of liquor industry with tourism industry, cultural industry. Main liquor producing areas and famous liquor enterprises are encouraged to develop liquor tourism and liquor culture industrial park. Priority is given to Renhuai and Maotai Town to develop liquor industry tourism featuring paying visits to the sites making and brewing Maotai. Meanwhile, catering tourism is also encouraged by giving access to taste Maotai. Liquor tourism can also be promoted for knowing more about the history of Maotai. Some qualified private liquor companies in Renhuai City can be selected as the tourism sightseeing sites. In Zhongshu Town, a Maotai Liquor City can be built, which integrates catering, accommodation, entertainment and leisure activity. Famous Wine Culture Exhibition Center is supported to be built focusing on famous liquor of Guizhou and prestigious wine culture. At the same time, Liquor Culture Square, Famous Liquor Culture Street and featured chateaus can also be developed. More efforts shall be made to develop tourism commodities and souvenirs highlighting Maotai as national liquor and the liquor culture of Guizhou. Give publicity to Maotai as national liquor and Guizhou’s liquor brands so that Renhuai can be built into the capital of Chinese liquor culture and Maotai Town can be developed into a tourism town of liquor culture.

Efforts are underway to build Guizhou International Liquor City (Guizhou International Wine Trading Center). Guiyang and Zunyi are positioned as the key national liquor distribution centers to develop marketing network for this region, for China and even the whole world, aiming to scale up marketing coverage and increase market shares.

External transportation accesses will be built to connect liquor industrial parks with the outside. The way of financing will be innovated based on the national investment policy for roads built in rural areas. More social funds will be channeled to develop the transportation and water conservancy facilities in liquor industrial parks. The logistics and transportation in liquor industrial parks will be further improved to facilitate the flow of production factors for liquor making. Note (17)


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