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Characteristic Light Industry—Specialty foods

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      Make greater efforts in base construction. According to the requirements of specialty food industrial development on raw materials, the agricultural product structure is required to be guided, adjusted and optimized. The base construction is also required to strive to develop the specialty industries engaged in pepper, vegetable, dry and fresh fruit, potato, and animal husbandry, and to expand the construction scales of standardized production demonstration zone and demonstration base of nuisance-free agricultural products, green food products, and organic food products.

Market system is also required to be completed. Support will be provided to the construction of wholesale markets for agricultural products from Huaxi District, Guiyang City, peppers from Xiazi Town, Zunyi City, and vegetables from Rongjiang County in southeast Guizhou, Dushan County in south Guizhou, and Ceheng County in southwest Guizhou, and the construction of trade markets based in some large-scale specialty food raw material bases.

     The websites for ethnic medicine industry and specialty foods will be constructed to display the ethnic medicine products and specialty food products. The e-commerce platform will be established to offer supply-demand information and trade services. The full advantages of "Characteristic China Guizhou Hall” will be taken to develop new marketing pattern such as network marketing. Enterprises and intermediary service organizations are supported to participate in the construction of modern logistics system, so as to establish marketing channels featuring quick information, high efficiency, fast speed, and relative stability. Through accelerating the matchmaking with markets in other provinces, the enterprises engaged in ethnic medicine industry and specialty food industry are encouraged to set up exclusive counters, exclusive shops, and exclusive sales area in the medium and large cities in other provinces and in specialty markets. The trade channels are required to be bridged to realize the goal of "borrowing boat to sail”. The direct purchase/direct selling relationship between production enterprises and production bases will be established to reduce intermediate links and lower trade cost. The "Green Passage” police for transportation of fresh and live agricultural products will be implemented to ensure smooth logistics. Note(18)


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