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Priority of development:

Constructing three key industrial chains. Focusing on three industrial chains—automobile, energy & mining & engineering machinery, and civil aviation, a series of major projects that have active driving effect on industrial development shall be initiated to make breakthroughs in automobile and auto parts, utility aircraft manufacture, packaged design and manufacture of major energy, mining and engineering machinery, accessories of main machine such as key components and parts, basic parts, and processing capability of high-grade, precision and advanced products.

1. Automobile and auto parts

--Finished automobile. Construction of three automobile production bases shall be speeded up—truck base in Bijie, minibus base in Zunyi, and passenger car and special vehicle base in Guiyang; and major technical innovation and capacity expansion programs shall be implemented to improve production output of finished car. Heavy trucks, minibuses, limousine suitable for running in mountainous areas shall be developed as priorities; the production of substitute products of passenger car and special vehicle, as well as large-horsepower, large-tonnage trucks, middle and high-end long head logistic vehicle shall be accelerated; efforts in adjusting and upgrading low-speed trucks and light truck products shall be intensified; special vehicles shall be remodeled and upgraded, scaled manufacturing of new generation heavy truck and production of cars running on hybrid power and new energy shall be realized. Based on marketing mode, assets shall be reorganized, and resource allocation shall be optimized; large automobile enterprise groups from other provinces shall be introduced to support Guiyang and Zunyi as priorities; grounds shall be laid for special vehicle production base in southeast and south regions of Guizhou, existing special vehicles such as postal transport vehicle, container transport vehicle and ambulance shall be adjusted and upgraded; the development of expressway maintenance truck, emergency communication truck, crane truck, truck mounted crane, sanitation truck and logistics truck, vehicle used in scenic areas, development areas, universities and industrial parks, special vehicle run on new energy, tour bus, electric minicar, etc. shall be accelerated.
--Components and parts for automobile. Based on the requirements of three finished car production bases in Guiyang, Bijie and Zunyi, construction of industrial parks mainly engaging in auto components and parts shall be boosted to form regional scale effect, with the assistance of industrial chain. Backbone enterprises (e.g. Guizhou Guihang Auto Components & Parts Co., Ltd.) shall be supported as priorities in the development of existing competitive auto components and parts such as generator, axle, sealing, gear, radiator, electric switch and relay; accessories such as motor, transmission, brake, swerve, steering, ignition, fuel, cooling, and electric instrument shall be developed as priorities; positive measures shall be taken to develop products of high technology content, added value and quality, so that domestic and overseas markets can be further developed. Collaboration among medium and small sized enterprises related to auto components and parts shall be promoted; a modularized, hierarchical structure of components and parts supply of the province shall be formed by building an enterprise group of modular supply. Procurement and supply systems of domestic finished vehicle manufacturer and multinational automobile company shall be actively approached; market share expansion shall be conducted through participating in market competition in China and aboard. Development of characteristic sectors such as lithium battery cathode material, power cell, and lithium battery driving system shall be strengthened as priorities; the development of automobile leaf spring, aluminum wheel and aluminum alloy casting, front and rear bridge casting, tire, and interior spare parts shall be accelerated.
--Automobile service industry. Extension of automobile manufacturing towards R & D and service shall be promoted to realize synchronized development in secondary and tertiary industries. Positive measures shall be taken to expand services provided during production and use of vehicles such as test and supervision, maintenance, 4S services, driver trainings; the capability and level of after-sales services, including vehicle maintenance, decoration and retrofitting shall be improved, so as to generate a complete industrial chain that integrates raw material supply, production of components and parts, production of finished vehicle, vehicle maintenance and vehicle service.
2. Energy & mineral equipment and engineering machinery

Production of main machine shall play a leading role and drive the development of middle and small sized enterprises and supporting enterprises; industrial cluster shall be primarily formed in Guiyang and Liupanshui; efforts shall be concentrated to integrate enterprise technology and productive power and resource, so as to expand production.

--Main machine for energy & mineral equipment. With abundant mineral resources such as coal, phosphate and aluminum, cooperation among key enterprises such as Panjiang Liupanshui Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Shuikuang Machinery Branch, Hongshi Coal Machinery, Hongshi Meiji, Southwest Instrument Group, Plateau Mines Machinery Co., Ltd. and central enterprise and large provincial enterprises engaging in coal and phosphate production shall be actively promoted to develop new mining equipment adaptive to geological conditions of our province, so that machinery and equipment can be provided to energy & mineral exploitation, coal chemical industry, phosphate chemical industry within the area. Efforts shall be made to develop energy & mineral equipment industry that features mining machinery and coal machinery and covers upstream and downstream industries such as metallurgy, power, construction material, transportation, and agriculture. Focus will be placed equally on development and obsolete of products, so will an intensified promotion of product structure adjustment; priorities will be attached to the development of a series of products such as medium and small-sized coal mining machine, hoister, long-life hydraulic prop, convey system, and special anti-explosion tramcar; vigorous efforts shall be made in the development of high-end middle & small sized special mining machinery to establish a major R & D base for the production energy & mineral equipment in southern regions.


--Main machine for engineering machinery. Efforts will be continued to consolidate and improve market positions of competitive products such as excavator, engineering truck, crusher, etc. More will be done to attract foreign investment; priority will be given to Jonyang Heavy Industry, Chengzhi Heavy Industry, and Guihang Heavy Industry in a series of technological innovation and capacity expansion programs, and the development of various large & middle sized rescue equipment, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving engineering equipment, large bridge-laying & paving equipment, recycling & crushing device for construction waste, and small sized engineering machinery, etc., so that transition from a single product structure to a diverse, serial product structure, and from medium & low-end product to high-end product can be achieved.


--Engineering machinery components & parts. Capability of supporting key components and parts such as hydraulic system, electronic control system, and clutch and transmission system meeting the performance of main machine will be enhanced; priority will be given to Liyuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd., Fengyang Hydraulic Co., Ltd., Yongqing Instrument Electronic, Winter Star Hydraulic Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. to achieve technical breakthroughs in engineering machinery hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve and hydraulic motor, so that efforts can be concentrated to handle local supporting common technology of competitive main machines of our province, including high-speed wheel excavator, multi-purpose engineering truck, crushing engineering equipment, etc. Support shall be given primarily to independent R & D capability of major assemblies such as basic parts of engineering machinery, supporting parts and gear boxes, and that of key components and parts; extended service of energy & mineral engineering machinery and bridge-laying & paving equipment will be supported; proportion of key components and parts of our province in supporting mainstream equipment of domestic engineering machinery shall be further improved, so that relevant service, management and operation systems of R & D, manufacture, information, export and trade, leasing, and maintenance supporting engineering machinery and components and parts can be preliminarily set up.

3. Civil aviation

A lead role shall be played by the manufacture of medium turboprop multi-purpose utility aircraft to develop parts for 2- to 8-seat small utility aircraft, civilian drone, and civilian aircraft as a whole; efforts shall be made to build a civilian aviation industry that covers the whole value chain from raw material, components and parts, attachments, to R & D of complete machine of aircraft; a civilian aviation industrial system basically integrating R & D production, aviation training, maintenance and protection service will be built, so that production condition and technical standards can be significantly improved.

--Aircraft. With medium-sized turboprop multi-purpose utility aircraft gaining national approval, efforts will be made to accelerate R & D process and assemble the first of such aircraft by 2012; international cooperation regarding 2- to 8-seat small utility aircraft shall be positively promoted; to face market demands such as remote sensing, safety monitoring, forest fire monitoring, a series of civilian drones based on Qianzhong I shall be produced, along with the preliminary establishment of multi-field application development, including engineering support, aviation service, etc. Satisfactory work shall be carried out in the R & D and production of components and parts for amphibious aircraft, which is used for large firefighting and water rescue; priority will be given to technical and production preparation such as airframe structure manufacture, assemble of partial system, and land trial flight, etc.

--Components and parts for aircraft. An active role will be played in supporting large domestic passenger aircraft C919, and regional aircraft ARJ-21. Priority will be given to standard parts for aviation, engine nacelles, and horizontal tails to continuously enlarge the area and scale of onboard finished products, forging, casting, and rubber parts, and fuel the development of key raw materials and components such as aviation aluminum alloy, electric connector, etc. Positive efforts will be made to subcontract production from home and aboard; production scale of components and parts such as aircraft structural parts, blade of aviation engine will be enlarged to strengthen subcontracted production of aircraft components and parts.

Development layout:

Four major regional industrial clusters. Equipment manufacturing clusters shall be promoted in key regions, including Guiyang, Zunyi, Bijie, Anshun, etc. Focus will be on Guiyang to form industrial clusters covering automobile and auto parts, engineering and components & parts, new electronic components and power equipment in Xiaohe-Mengguan equipment manufacture ecological industrial park and Maijia-Shawen hi-tech industrial park; priority will be given to Zunyi and Anshun to form high-end equipment manufacture industrial clusters featuring nuclear power and equipment, wind power generation and oil exploitation equipment, aircraft and components & parts, with the support of Guizhou aerospace hi-tech industrial park, Liyang hi-tech industrial park, Xiayun industrial park and Anshun economic and technological development zone; With Guiyang playing a supporting role, priority will be given to Bijie and Liupanshui to form industrial clusters featuring automobile and auto parts, mining machinery, casting parts and supporting components and parts, special equipment and basic parts, with the support of Bijie hi-tech industrial base, Liupanshui energy & mineral equipment industrial base, and Guiyang special equipment industrial base; priority will be given to numerical control machine tool, large bridge-laying & paving equipment, machine tool castings, shipbuilding, electronic components, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly equipment to further develop industrial clusters such as Duyun economic development zone, Kaili economic development zone, and Tongren economic development zone, etc. Note (16)



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