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Policy for Investment Service

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Principle of service: Invest under the principle of free will; adhere to the principle of free service.

Scope of service: Service Center will be responsible for going trough formalities from the start of a project to its completion and operation, including all the needed approval procedures and other public utility service such as supply of power, water and natural gas, fire prevention, water drainage, telecommunication and internet access and so forth. The condition is that projects making use of foreign capital are encouraged by industrial policy or invited from other provinces and nations (excluding projects under the State macro-regulation, projects of high pollution, high energy consumption and resource intensive, real estate projects etc.). Based on actual situation, investors can give the Service Center carte blanche in managing all or parts of the formalities. In exceptional cases, scope of service can be expanded. For the non-administrative approval procedures, investors, in principle, can choose technical service agencies according to their own will and Service Center can give assistance.

Service agency: Investment promotion agencies at provincial, municipal and county levels; provincial management committees of economic development zones and service centers responsible for attracting foreign capital and investment promotion(abbreviated as Service Center) and dealing with procedures of investment promotion. Note (12)

Hukou (permanent residence) of external investors and their family members can move into or out of the investment destination according to their free will. Their family members and children can enjoy the same rights and obligations as the locals in terms of employment, receiving middle school, elementary school and kindergarten education.

Investment promotion agencies above county level are responsible for handling complaints of external investors within their administrative areas. Meanwhile, relevant agencies of people’s government can also deal with complaint cases based on the demands of external investors. The complaints received by a lower level of authority can be handled by a higher level. No fees shall be charged for any excuses concerning any complaint cases. Note (13)





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