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Block data to improve government

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With big data currently booming in Southeast China's Guizhou province, government is also being improved through big data to cut red tape and provide better services for people.

A Government Logical Data Model (GLDM) integrating data in different companies, industries and regions was revealed during the International Big Data Expo in Guiyang on May 27.

Many businesspeople, scholars, experts and Guizhou government officials attended the ceremony to discuss the use of block data in government management and public services.

According to the definition given by the Big Data Strategy Laboratory established in Guiyang during 2015, block data refers to the massive amount of information covering people, events and things in a specific region.

Audaque Data Technology Co Ltd, a Shenzhen-based data company, is the main designer of GDLM. They have harvested data from governments at different levels in 12 cities and provinces in China and developed the GLDM to manage block data.

The GLDM can host different databases targeting different areas such as identity verification, social security, and administrative approvals.

"We hope to help government manage the information of different departments and industries and provide more convenient services for people," said Jia Xibei, CEO of the company.

The data model will be used in the cloud platform by Guiyang's government and hopefully promoted throughout the country in the future.

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