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Guizhou improves water quality in Suiyang county

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In response to the ecological construction in Guizhou province, Zunyi city's Suiyang county strengthened their efforts to improve the region's water quality over recent years, making great achievements in the process.

The local government has effectively utilized the improved water, building the Luojiang Jiuqu Wetland Park last year. The beautiful scenery helped Suiyang county attract more than 8 million people in 2016.

To increase water storage in the region, local authorities have built 28 new reservoirs and repaired 1,565 pools and ponds scattered throughout the county. By focusing on protecting water resources and treating pollution to safeguard the security of drinking water, water qualities have continued to improve.

Some 50,000 mu (3,333 hectares) of the county’s farmland have also been returned to forestry in an effort to increase water retention and combat soil erosion. Efforts have also included the appointment of officials as river chiefs to manage the restoration of the 105 rivers located in the region.

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