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Company sets sights on new energy automobile sector

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Guizhou electric car company Sitech stunned visitors with its latest products at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018) held in Las Vegas, USA, on Jan 9-12.

Sitech is the first company in Southwest China's Guizhou province to be invited to attend the world's biggest consumer electronics show. The company revealed the design for its first independently developed electric car and gave spectators a glimpse of its groundbreaking new logo.

The American subsidiary of Sitech, located in Silicon Valley, was also announced during the show, marking the company's first step toward the global market.

The rising company, based in Guian New Area, has already announced partnerships with several industry leaders.

Earlier this month, the company also agreed to cooperate with Chinese leading carmaker FAW Car Co to produce more new energy cars.

In November last year, the company signed a deal with bike-sharing titan Mobike Technology to launch a fleet of shared automobiles.

Mobike CEO Wang Xiaofeng said the partnership would serve as a stepping stone in the development of a smart, environmentally friendly transport system, with Mobike specializing in technologies such as 'internet of things' and mobile internet, and Guian New Area and Sitech specializing in new energy resources and electric charging stations.

Statistics show that the domestic car-sharing fleet had around 30,000 cars at the beginning of 2016, and the market will continue expanding rapidly, with a growth rate of over 50 percent.

China is the world's biggest market for new energy cars with 507,000 of them sold in the country in 2016, and the sales doubled in the third quarter of 2017, accounting for more than a half of the world's total.

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