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Fine art of noodle making

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These wispy strands from Suiyang are a traditional staple of the region - and each is almost as fine as a hair ZHANG LEI

Suiyang noodles are handmade, and each strand is almost as thin as a hair. They have a chewy texture and salty flavor and are nicknamed "love noodles".

In Suiyang county, Guizhou province, where they originate, they are called "salt water noodles".

They have been a traditional staple in Suiyang for hundreds of years.

Early in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), the noodles were presented as a tribute by the locals to the royal family. Annual production is now 800 metric tons, worth 24 million yuan ($3.8 million; 3 million euros; 2.7 million) a year.

Its takes a lot of effort to make them. Production involves 72 steps, including kneading, rubbing, plaiting, entangling and pulling, all of which are done manually.

The noodles are made using local refined flour, sesame oil and chicken soup.

As for the utensils used, the makers just use two sticks and then let the noodles dry in the open.


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