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Global Big Data Exchange expands with increased membership

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The Global Big Data Exchange (GBDE), a pioneer in the field of big data transactions in China, announced on March 28 that it has attracted over 2,000 members and 225 data sources due to its high quality.

Based in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, the GBDE has a total data volume of 150 PB.

Members come from over 30 industries, including finance, telecommunications, information technology and media, to exchange and trade data-related assets and services.

Zhu Guohui, vice president of GBDE, said that the exchange began facilitating basic data-related trades in April 2015 and is the first platform of its kind in the world.

It has built two operation centers in Beijing and Shanghai, and an additional 11 transaction service centers across the country. Over the course of several years, the exchange has gradually developed a data trading system consisting of eight trading rules and ten standards and norms.

"With a steadily growing supply of members, data sources, and data products, GBDE has become increasingly prominent in the field of data transactions," said Zhu Guohui.

The exchange is now improving its transaction system of big data products and building itself into a world-class comprehensive big data transaction service platform.

Its tradable data capacity has exceeded 150 petabytes, and the transaction value has topped 120 million yuan ($19 million) as of October 2017.

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