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Guizhou: an ideal place for self-driving touring

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Guizhou, a mountainous province in the southwest of China, has a nationwide reputation for its uniquely natural beauty. In recent years, Guizhou has been making good use of its abundant tourism resources to attract more travelers.

For a very long time, Guizhou has been seen as an ideal place to visit by car, a province on the "must-go" wish list of many self-driving tour fans.

As self-driving tourists drive down the narrow zigzag roads winding among Guizhou's beautiful mountains and rivers, they are fascinated by the province's unique geography and stunning views.

With unique tourist resources in hand, the local government has been considering new ways to improve Guizhou's tourism. One of them is to focus on meeting the needs of self-driving travelers who prefer sight-seeing in mountainous areas.

The International Mountain Tourism Conference was successfully held in each of the past several years in Guizhou. A lot of sideline tourist events during the conference were provided and proved popular.

"What I love most about Guizhou is its unique ethnic culture and beautiful scenery along the highways," said Lin Qian, an enthusiastic self-driver. She plans to retire this June and drive along highways from Yunnan to Guizhou.

This February, Guizhou held a tourism working conference and stated that it would perfect its tourism services to provide self-driving travelers with a better touring experience.

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