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Colorful Guizhou Airlines to launch new routes

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From Oct 28, Colorful Guizhou Airlines will launch three new routes from Maotai Airport to Jinan, Nanchang and Guiyang.

As part of promotions for the new flights, the company is offering at least five percent off all Maotai-Guiyang and Maotai-Nanchang tickets, as well as a minimum of 20 percent off Maotai-Jinan tickets.

Maotai is a town under the governance Zunyi city in Guizhou province. It is located on the banks of the Chishui River, which is well-known as a high-quality water source for liquor brewing, including the nationally famous Moutai brand. It is also a key juncture for travel between Sichuan and Guizhou by both water and land.

After the opening of the three new routes, the layout of the transport network in Maotai and Zunyi will be further improved and promoted to help local economic development.

The Maotai-Guiyang route will run daily. Flight GY7104 will take off from Maotai at 7:35 am and arrive in Guiyang at 8:15 am, before returning (flight GY7103) from Guiyang at 9:40 am and reaching Maotai at 10:25 am.

Also running daily, the Maotai-Jinan flight GY7143 will take off from Maotai at 5:30 pm and arrive in Jinan at 8:05 pm. It will return (flight GY7144) from Jinan at 9:00 pm to Maotai at 11:45 pm.

Running Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, the Maotai-Nanchang route will feature flight GY7127 departing Maotai at 11:20 am and arriving at Nanchang at 1:05 pm. Flight GY7128 will then leave Nanchang at 2 pm and land in Maotai at 3:50 pm.

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