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Guizhou seeks more regional development via bank cooperation

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In order to promote regional development, the Guizhou government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Minsheng Bank (CMBC) in Guiyang on Oct 15.

According to the agreement, CMBC will strengthen cooperation with Guizhou in poverty alleviation, big data, environmental issues, infrastructure construction, real economy services, reform and development of State-owned companies, energy industry reform, and inclusive finance development.

Financial support is essential to Guizhou's development, which can in turn provide more opportunities to financing institutions. Guizhou believes both sides will benefit from the cooperation and is an advocate of mutual support on a local level, said Sun Zhigang, Party secretary of Guizhou committee.

As the nation's first private commercial bank, CMBC is optimistic about Guizhou's future prospects and will take the agreement as an opportunity to contribute to the area's development, said Hong Qi, chairman of CMBC.

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