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New area nominated for cultural development gold medal

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The 3rd Cultural Industry Institute Award Hangzhou Forum and Nomination Awards Ceremony was held in Hangzhou on Oct 15, following selections by experts and a vote by the public, Guian New Area was nominated for the Future Cultural City award.

The Cultural City Nominations for the Future Awards are divided into four categories: the Internet + Culture Smart City, the Cultural Exchange Vigor City, the Digital Culture Creative City and the Creative and Livable City. Guian was nominated for the Internet + Culture Smart City category. It will face off against West Coast New Area in Qingdao and Wuhan, who also received nominations.

According to reports, Guian will now enter the Future Cultural City gold award review session, with the final results due to be announced at the Future Cultural City Gold Awards Ceremony in Beijing on Oct 20.

The event was hosted by China Education International Exchange Association, China Cultural Industry Association, China Communication University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, University of Chicago, Macquarie University, Australia and more than 20 other well-known colleges and universities.

The award is based on the concept of "Culture Leading the Future of the City", combining contemporary trends and cultural development with the role of culture in urban economic development, equality and tolerance, inheritance and innovation, ecological livability and vitality.

The evaluation index will help to select the winner that best reflects the symbiosis and common prosperity of culture and urban development, which can lead as a model of future cultural city development.

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