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Telecommunication industry maintains high growth in Guizhou

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The output and revenue of the telecommunications industry in Guizhou has maintained rapid growth, according to the Guizhou Communications Administration on Oct 16.

The administration reported that by the end of August, the output of the telecommunications industry in Guizhou reached 124.18 billion yuan ($17.94 billion), generating a revenue of 21.23 billion yuan and representing a 170.1 percent and 11.8 percent year-on-year increase respectively. The growth rate of income was three times the national average and the province has now maintained the position of highest income growth rate in China for 19 consecutive months.

The current trend reflects a good momentum in the economic development of Guizhou, particularly in the big data industry, the telecommunications industry and the construction of telecommunications infrastructure.

The development of the big data industry particularly has contributed to the province's rapid growth. It is reported that mobile data traffic doubled and revenue increased by 40 percent last year.

A booming tourism industry and more business activities have also promoted the province's telecommunications development due to an increased amount of visitors.

With these trends have come positive changes. Mobile data charges have decreased at least 40 percent and Guizhou residents are now able to enjoy better broadband services thanks to improvements in local telecommunications infrastructure. In addition, efforts at poverty alleviation have yielded significant results after a total of 1.87 billion yuan was earmarked to eliminate telecommunication problems in 8,900 villages across Guizhou.

Zhao Yandi contributed to this story

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