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Guizhou gets two places into national innovative construction project

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Meitan county and Kaili city in Southwest China's Guizhou province were included in the first National Innovative County (City) Construction List, according to a notice recently posted on the Ministry of Science and Technology's official website.

A total of 52 counties and cities have been included and categorized into three types: technology-spurred industrial development, technology-supported ecological civilization, and technology-propelled livelihood improvement.

The State Council announced suggestions for county and city-level innovation-driven development in May 2017, deciding on the eight key tasks of industrial transformation and upgrading, innovation-centered enterprise expansion, innovation talents attraction, innovation and entrepreneurial carriers construction, people-benefiting cause advancement, the issuing of targeted poverty-relief measures, science popularization and technology policy implementation.

Meitan county and Kaili city were both listed under technology-supported ecological civilization. They will receive support on policies, finance and talents from the ministry in a bid to incubate more technology-driven innovation projects, platforms and carriers.

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