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Enterprises able to print tariff receipts directly in Guizhou

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The first "Customs Special Payment Receipt" has been successfully printed by an enterprise itself at Guiyang Customs District.

Import and export enterprises which choose to pay tariffs by electronic payment are able to print receipts themselves through the official website of China International Trade Single Window and the online customs service platform:

Composed of a series of payment bills including customs duties, value-added tax and consumption tax, the receipt is important for enterprises for accounting and tax deduction.

Previously, enterprises had to collect tax receipts at local customs districts or through delivery, which is time consuming and comes with the risk of loss and damage. The reform will shorten the period of value-added tax deduction and speed up capital turnover to improve the efficiency of port customs.

In order to help enterprises understand and adapt to the reform as soon as possible, Guiyang Customs District conducted several information sessions on relevant policies and organized training courses for them.

At the same time, self-service printing windows were set up in service sites with a huge demand for customs clearance. Enterprises can also print the receipt at these nearby service sites.

Zhao Yandi contributed to this story

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