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Guizhou to implement greening project

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In order to further promote the development of a green Guizhou, Guizhou province will close more hills for afforestation, according to the Guizhou Provincial Forestry Bureau.

From 2018 to 2020, Guizhou plans to focus heavily on this greening project, aiming to plant more than 50 million trees per year.

Tea, flower seedlings and boutique fruit will be planted on land with a 15 to 25 degree slope near important water sources. On land with a more than 25-degree slope, economic fruit forests such as woody grain and oil and traditional Chinese medicinal plants will also be planted.

In addition, Guizhou will strictly control the boundaries of urban development. In the next two years, it will upgrade or afforest more than 1.1 million mu (73,333.33 hectares) of surrounding suburbs, tourist attractions, areas along rivers and lakes, towns and villages, etc.

By 2020, the forest coverage rate in Guizhou is expected to reach 60 percent, forest stock volume is expected to reach 471 million cubic meters, and the green coverage rate of urban built-up areas is expected to reach 35 percent. The total value of the forestry industry in the province is expected to reach 500 billion yuan ($72.78 billion).

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