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Guizhou provides services to chambers of commerce

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The Guizhou Investment Promotion Bureau visited the Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce in Guiyang on Jan 3 to discuss future development with member companies.

Ma Lei, director of the Guizhou Investment Promotion Bureau, introduced preferential policies on commerce and the benefits of doing business in Guizhou province. Ma also learned about the operating conditions, investments and difficulties faced by the chamber of commerce.

With travel between Guizhou and Guangdong provinces becoming increasingly convenient, and the business environment in Guizhou continuing to improve, more and more Guangdong companies are choosing to invest in Guizhou. The chamber of commerce is optimistic about Guizhou's economic development.

So far, the chamber of commerce has over 100 direct members and 1,000 indirect members. More than 10,000 Guangdong companies are operating in Guizhou, with a total of over 600 billion yuan ($87.35 billion) in investments.

These companies have provided jobs for hundreds of thousands of people in the pharmaceutical, chemical, mineral, real estate, construction, finance, trade and logistics, planting, hotel, entertainment and internet industries.

Services will be provided to all chambers of commerce in Guizhou through the end of January. The Guizhou Investment Promotion Bureau will enhance cooperation with chambers of commerce and help facilitate investments from companies from other provinces into the Guizhou market.

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