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Guiyang issues new plan for city development

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Guiyang's urban and rural planning bureau announced a new plan related to the construction of its city center on Jan 24.

According to the new plan, Guiyang will promote the construction of standard plants and supporting infrastructure, as well as the development of the big data and healthcare industries in the GX-02 area, improving its industrial environment.

Land parcel GX-02-01 is located northeast of GX-02, north of Chuangzhu Road, south of Chuangbei Road, east of Tongcheng Avenue and west of Baijin Avenue.

The main companies and structures in the area are Shengqi Pharmaceutical, Shenzhen Gas Turbine, Publishing Group, Hanming International Company and standard plants I and II.

A total of 274.03 hectares of land are planned, including 240.91 hectares for building. Construction is expected to cover 2.75 million square meters of unpopulated land. The planned gross volume ratio is 1.14.

Main roads in the area are Baijin Avenue, Tongcheng Avenue, Chuangzhu Road, Chuangbei Road and Kechuang Road. There are two secondary roads and four branch roads.

Bicycle lanes, with a width of no less than 2.5 meters, run along the green belts next to Baijin Avenue, Chuangzhu Road and Tongcheng Avenue, encouraging people in the community to bike.

Slow lanes run along green belts next to the Maijia River, west of Baijin Avenue along Chuangbei Road, and north of Chuangzhu Road along Kechuang Road. Five shared bike stops make biking especially convenient in the area.

The No 4 rail line will pass through the west side of the area to Chuangbei Road Station.

Public transportation will be prioritized for development in the area, with BRT bus routes running along Baijing Avenue, Chuangbei Road and Tongcheng Avenue, and regular bus routes running along Baijing Avenue, Chuangzhu Road, Chuangbei Road, Kechan Road and Kebei Street.

Five pairs of bus stops and five taxi stops are located in the area. Main intersections are equipped with stereoscopic crosswalks, and other roads have standard crosswalks.

The plan is expected to be open for public comment for 10 days. If you have an opinion or suggestion, please call 0851-85815187 or 0851-85212284, fax 85829384, or send an email to

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